About Frank

Hello. I’m Frank.

Some people think I’m funny.

You may not. That’s cool. Piss off.

You may be prudish, closed minded, dogmatically religious, idiotic, overly analytic, anal retentive, easily offended or all of the above. In that case, read my Content Advisory. Then piss off.

I post stuff on this site that I find funny. Stuff I find and stuff that I find funny. Hence the name.

Could be a joke, video, news story, email, song, photograph, Craig’s List posting, story, TV commercial, audio clip, drug disclaimer, parody – who knows?

Could be tame or racy, squeaky clean or downright outrageously rude – who knows?

Rule Number 1
The only thing all of these posts have in common is that they made me laugh. In fact, that’s the only rule I have on this site: if it makes me laugh it gets posted. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, no matter how clever, well produced, acted or written, outrageous, rude or sexually gratifying.

Funny. That’s how I roll.

It’s an easy test. If I hear laughter coming out of my mouth, I know I’ve found a winner. If I don’t hear laughter, well you get the picture.

You can send me stuff to consider. I’ll look at it but I won’t guarantee it’ll see daylight on this site. See Rule Number 1 above. If I do use it I’ll be happy to give you credit with whatever web or email link and identity you’d prefer.

Email me at raisingarizona@rocketmail.com. Include a postage paid envelope for anything you want returned.

Keep smiling!


8 responses to “About Frank

  1. I am still laughing at this gorilla joke all these years later. It’s not that the joke’s THAT funny, well it IS in its own right, but I am referring to the absolutely hilarious redering of this bit of wit by one of the latent, and possibly the least heralded modern Kings of comedy. You see, I had the privilege, no, the honor of having been told this personally (that’s right: I actually met the man!!) by Uncle Frankie. I vividly recall the spun up yet dryly wearied facial expressions and wry, almost Grouchoesque (as in Marx) retort that is the punchline and clincher in this simple but profound example of the comedic depth of this genius comedian.
    Incidentally, that term, in, and of itself, is redundant because the level of intelligence it takes to use witticism to appeal to others’ sense of humor is known to be far above average. Obviously not the trappings of a “normal” person. I wonder what his MENSA scores would bear out. Hmmm….

  2. Wow!
    I’m almost tempted not to approve your comment out of my false sense of modesty. I’ll let our other visitors post their own reactions.
    As for MENSA, I will quote Groucho by saying “I would never belong to any club that would have me as a member.”
    Thanks for visiting, Frank

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  5. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    So, a jackass walks into a homemade helium balloon…

  6. How about this one?

    So a jackass’s buddy pokes you in the ribs and goes “Huh? Aren’t I hilarious? In that out of touch 1970s way? Huh? Did you hear about my amazing fake scientist friend who abuses his kids and is going to jail? I enabled him! Huh? Hilarious! Wait – where are you going? I get lonely! No one loves me! I’m a braying moron! Huh? HUH??”

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