Every Day I Get An Email From God

No, really. Every morning I find a message from God in my inbox.

God reaching out to Frank everyday. How am I looking ladies?

God reaches out to me every day. How am I looking ladies? It was really chilly that day - I swear!

Here’s the one I got this morning:

Ever wonder what would make life’s fleeting pain and sorrow totally and unquestionably “worth it,” Frank?

How about living forever, wildly in love and loved wildly?

Yeah, baby –

As fathers go, I’d say he’s very supportive emotionally. And accessible.

Actually, each day’s email is signed “The Universe,” but I choose to believe that it comes from God. After all, isn’t that what faith’s all about?

Since everybody has a different name for God, I think the guy who generates these emails, Mike Dooley, sticks with the Universe moniker to keep the whole “Name of God” issue from getting in the way of his message, which is “Thoughts become things, dreams come true, and all things remain forever possible.”

Great stuff.

Anyone can sign-up to get their own personal email from God every morning, but you have to take an oath:

“In the face of adversity, uncertainty and conflicting sensory information, I hereby pledge to remain ever mindful of the magical, infinite, loving reality in which I live. A reality that conspires tirelessly in my favor.

“I further recognize that living within space and time, as a Creation amongst my Creations, is the ultimate Adventure because thoughts become things, dreams come true and all things remain forever possible.”

“As a Being of Light, I hereby resolve to live, love and be happy, at all costs, no matter what, with reverence and kindness for All. So be it!”

If that’s more of an oath than you’re willing to take, God says he’ll still send you emails every morning if you’ll sign up here.

I took the oath but I’ll have to admit that I don’t always live up to it. God told me he’s okay with that as long as I keep trying.

Pretty cool Pops.

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