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Uncle Frankie’s Cousin Frankie McDowell Makes an Important Announcement

ATTENTION!!! My cousin Frankie McDowell has a very important announcement for all U.S. citizens living along the Pacific coast (and Vancouver, British Columbia Canada):

I hope you were paying close attention. No further warnings will be given, though I have instructed Cousin Frankie to text me with any updates.

Stay tuned…

Drakar Druella: Dopey and Destitute

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for this guy or just amazed at how gullible he is. He gave a “psychic” nearly $150,000 to solve his personal problems. Drakar must have been in some deep doo doo to decide that was the correct course of action.

On top of everything else, Drakar felt it appropriate to go on television to let EVERYONE know what a dope he is. Jeez buddy, where will it end?

Breakfast at Ginger’s

Not only do I often feel like this in the morning, I usually look like this too!

Too funny. Much love to RJ for this submission.