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Dude, I’ll Trade You This iPod and Some Chronic for that Awesome iPad!

Jacob Walker, AKA Dude!

Only in Arizona…

According to this story on the ABC15 web site, a 20 year-old Gilbert, Arizona resident named Jacob Walker posted an ad on craigslist offering to trade an iPod Touch and about seven grams of weed for a 32G iPad.

Dude! What a sweet deal!

Unfortunately for Jacob, the local cops were the first responders to his ad. When Jacob and his homie Jacob Valdere showed upĀ  and showed the cops their chronic, the cuffs came out and the curtain came down.

Now both Jacobs are under arrest for possession and the attempted sale of an illegal substance.

iPod + Weed = iPad?

Dudes! What? Were you stoned or something?

Even old Freewheelin’ Frank (a member of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers back in the 70s) knew better than to advertise. This is not cool dudes, not cool at all.

GEESH! Kids these days!