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Father Gray Prefers The Older Boys

Father Kevin J. Gray

Who says Catholic priests have a predilection for prepubescent boys?

Certainly not Father Kevin J. Gray, late of the Sacred Heart Parish in Waterbury, Connecticut.

According to this story in the Washington Post, Father Gray prefers boys old enough to require tuition payments, expensive wardrobes and rent checks in return for sexual favors. $1.3 million worth over the course of seven years. Allegedly.

Waterbury police have charged Gray with first-degree larceny. Arraignment was expected Tuesday in Waterbury Superior Court.

Gray, 64, used the money to stay at such hotels as the Waldorf-Astoria and on expensive clothing labels including Armani suits and Brooks Brothers, said Capt. Christopher Corbett. He also paid the college tuition and rent of two men he had met, Corbett said.

Sadly, the money the good Father was paying these rent-boys was coming right out of the collection plate. Not exactly doing the Lord’s work there, eh Father?

As I’ve said before, I have nothing against homosexuals, homosexual prostitutes or their clients. The thing that gets Uncle Frankie’s panties in a bunch is people who make a living telling the rest of how to live, not keeping their actions aligned with their words.

If you’re a Catholic who is offended by this posting – good for you! You should be offended – not by me but by Father Gray and every other supposed celibate who is living a double life while taking your confessions and contributions.

It would have been nice if God had made men without that extra ingredient of testosterone, but He didn’t. And acting like tens of thousands of grown men can go through their entire lives denying their sexuality isn’t just dogma, it’s idiocy.

Detroit Schools President Whacks Off During Board Meeting

I just gots to get my groove on!

When nature calls, a man’s just gotta’ answer!

According to this story in the Detroit Free Press, school board president Otis Mathis took a short pause for the cause during a recent school board meeting. No, really.

DPS police were investigating allegations by schools Superintendent Teresa Gueyser that during a meeting at about 5 p.m. Wednesday, Mathis touched himself for 20 minutes, then unzipped his pants.

Gueyser, in a memorandum to the board, said she ended the meeting.

“I told him that there was no reason for us to continue the meeting with that behavior,” she said.

Look, I was as bored in school as anyone. But not THAT bored. Our hero claims he has medical issues that “may have” contributed to “the incident.”

I simply cannot imagine any professional situation – school related or otherwise – where someone could believe that this was appropriate behavior to engage in.

Then again, we are talking about a man here.

Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens

Found a great new video site today: Weirdo Video. Here’s the first of what I’m sure will be a lot of films I’ll be bringing you; the theatrical trailer for the Russ Meyer “sexploitation” film (co-written by Roger Ebert), Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens.

There’s a great run-on sentence in the middle of the voice-over. I’d love to have a transcription of it.

Do You Ngurah, Take This Bovine to be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife?

According to this story in the Jakarta Globe, well… read it for yourself.

C'mon Baby, you KNOW you want it

A Balinese teenager caught in the act of intercourse with a cow passed out on Friday when he was forced to marry the animal in a ceremony witnessed by hundreds of curious onlookers.

As the Jakarta Globe reported earlier in the day, Ngurah Alit, 18, an unemployed youth from the seaside village of Yeh Embang in Jembrana, was caught stark naked positioned behind the cow in a rice paddy field.

In his defence, Alit admitted to the act of bestiality but claimed the cow, which he believed was a young and beautiful woman, had wooed him with flattering compliments.

As part of a Pecaruan ritual, a ceremony to cleanse the village of the unholy act of a man mating with a cow, Alit was forced to “marry” the animal.

Alit, however, according to Detik.com, passed out surrounded by locals and police, who were attempting to prevent a number of journalists from covering the spectacle.

It is unclear whether or not he got to say “I do.”

Shamelessly stolen from Dvorak.com.

The Brazilian Love Dance

Kids, I once traveled to Brazil and saw a lot of very exotic women. Luckily, I never met these girls.

Is there no limit to what some guys will do in order to get close to a good looking woman? Is there no limit to some women’s willingness to exploit men’s idiocy? Apparently not, on both counts.

Why Some Women Stay Single

I have never understood why women put up with men. Most of our functions can be outsourced to an electrical appliance without having to deal with anything like what’s pictured below.

I mean sure, take out the trash twice a week, kill the occasional spider, etc. But for that you’d be willing to live with this? I don’t think so.

You missed a spot!

You missed a spot!

You are the wind beneath my wings

You are the wind beneath my wings

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

The world's baddest man under four feet

The world's baddest man under four feet, and his "partner" Slim

Beavis hates his forehead

Beavis hates his forehead

Domestic Godess

Domestic Godess

Is that a hard hat in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

Is that a hard hat in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Now you know what's under the kilt

Now you know what's under the kilt

I am Tron. Respect my authori-tie!

I am Tron. Respect my authori-tie!

Many thanks to Vicki-O for sending these in!

If You Have To Advertise, The Ladies Ain’t Buyin’

Ladies Love It

Wonder if his celly’s feelin’ it too?

Don’t miss the lipstick-mark tattoos going up the left side of his neck and cheek.