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Drakar Druella: Dopey and Destitute

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for this guy or just amazed at how gullible he is. He gave a “psychic” nearly $150,000 to solve his personal problems. Drakar must have been in some deep doo doo to decide that was the correct course of action.

On top of everything else, Drakar felt it appropriate to go on television to let EVERYONE know what a dope he is. Jeez buddy, where will it end?

Pastor Gas

Alright, I know it’s juvenile and scatological but, God help me, it’s funny.

I find very few things funnier than an over-the-top televangelist, but it turns out that syncing 29 random fart sounds to this guy’s squints turns out to be one of those few things.

Sheriff Joe Invents “Pedal Vision”

One of the few things I don’t miss about living in Arizona is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

You may have heard of Sheriff Joe. He’s the one that makes his prisoners wear pink underwear and live outside in tents in the sweltering Arizona sun. Don’t be surprised if you see him running for President some day.

Well he’s outdone himself this time with the invention of “Pedal Vision.” Now I’ve heard of Spank-A-Vision and Smell-A-Vision but only Sheriff Joe could have create a machine that prisoners have to pedal in order to watch TV.

As of April first, all Maricopa County Jail prisoners who wish to watch television will have to pedal a stationary bike connected to a generator to keep the TV turned on.

To Joe’s credit, he’s simply trying to make living in jail as uncomfortable as possible. Hard to argue with the success he’s had in that effort.

Blowing Mr. DeVito

I don’t know why I can’t embed this video directly into the blog but it is so GD funny that you MUST click the photo below and watch it. (This is a direct order from your superior soldier!)

Blowing Mr. DeVito

Click the photo above and prepare for a laugh treat.

Provided that you like extremely raunchy sexual humor (without the gratuitous skin shots) you will absolutely LOVE this. And you can take that to the bank, because that’s an Uncle Frankie Guarangoddamntee!

Many thanks to RJ for this hilarious submission.

Uncle Frankie: Circa 1974

What’s the best reason for a guy to go into music? For the ladies! Lord knows that’s why I did.

This was my final appearance on Soviet TV. But don’t worry ladies, 36 years later and I am STILL getting it done!

Pants On The Ground

It’s been a long time since my last post, I know. Sorry about that folks. And I know that “Pants On The Ground” is not exactly breaking news. But, when I realized that tears were streaming down my face as I laughed my ass off watching this video, I just had to post it. It definitely fit with my Rule Number One.

You can see a bunch of other versions of this song at this link, but the one above was my favorite.

David Letterman’s Top 10 Bush Moments

No matter your political leanings, this is painful to watch. Enjoy…

This video is an interesting example of the way media are distributed today. It’s a clip which originally aired on CBS TV, made up of clips from a variety of other networks. It was replayed on C-SPAN where this recording was captured and then posted on YouTube. Now I’ve grabbed the embed code from YouTube and posted it here where you are watching it. Copyright? What copyright?