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Manly Bike For Sale

People who know me know that I love to ride my bicycle. And, I’m looking for a new one.

I’m just not sure this is the bike for me.

This is an actual posting on the San Francisco edition of Craig’s List.

I’ll let you click through to read the whole thing (which includes the F-bomb by the way), but here are a couple of choice tidbits:

Bike for sale

What kind of bike? I don’t know, I’m not a bike scientist. What I am though is a manly guy looking to sell his bike. This bike is made out of metal and kick ass spokes.

The back reflector was taken off, but if you think that deters me from riding at night, you’re way wrong. I practiced ninja training in Japan’s mount Fuji for 5 years and the first rule they teach about ninja biking is that back reflectors let the enemy know where you are.

The bike says Giant on the side because it’s referring to my junk, but rest assured even if you have tiny junk that Giant advertisement is going to remain right where it is.

Alrighty then. I encourage to click through to read the really good stuff.

Like I say, probably not the bike for me. Then again, I’m not from San Francisco.

Just like Old Greg, this item was sent in by Chuck Carpenter, a web developer who claims he has no presence on the web for me to link to. Okay Chuck. Whatever you say.

Naturally, I’m convinced this is a bullshit story and am actively looking for links I can provide you where you can learn more about this highly intelligent, very talented, but apparently sketchy, individual. Stay tuned.

Sportsmanship, Michael Phelps Style

I See Your Problem Right Here Sir…

What exactly is the little guy looking for?

Dare we ask what his mission is here?

This picture is begging for a “Write The Caption” contest.

Please post your suggestions as comments to this posting. The winning entry will be arbitrarily chosen by me (bribes and flattery are acceptable but not necessarily effective).

The winner will receive a lifetime supply of soy sauce.

Start sharpening your pencils kids!