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Richard Heene To Appear on Wife Swap

You’ve probably never heard of Richard Heene (pronounced HEE-nee). But I’m willing to bet that, after October 3, you will.

I have known Richard for over 20 years. He is an amazingly creative human (now turned mad scientist) who insists on repeatedly proving that there is a very fine line between genius and insanity.

It’s impossible to paint a true picture of Richard for you. I could tell you about the cocker spaniel he gave a purple mohawk in the 80s and pronounced a “Punker Spaniel.” I could tell you about the two books he’s published, The Herp-AIDS Detector/Deflector Kit and The Official Offensive Driving Handbook (designed and printed by yours truly).

I could tell you about how impressed my son Jimmy was when, at age 10, I took him to visit Richard in the abandoned house he was occupying. Jimmy was especially taken with the boarded-up windows and the Mickey Mouse cartoon graffiti on the interior walls. I could also tell you how Richard is convinced that he has found the secret of an anti-gravity device in the cyclonic action of tornadoes (watch this news report).

At the same time I could tell you about scores of amazing ideas, products and projects Richard’s fertile mind has created. Projects like Boxtime, the incredible children’s television show he conceived and produced, that was so good Elmer’s Products invited us to present it to their executive team at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. And I could send you a copy of the scientific paper he recently wrote which was just published in the Digest of the National Weather Association.

But I’m sure nothing that I could tell you will possibly match the explanatory value of the premier episode of this season’s Wife Swap television show. Somehow Richard and his saint-of-a-wife Mayumi were chosen to appear. Not surprisingly (to me at least), the resulting video was so amazing that the network executives selected their episode to be the very first one aired this fall season.

Even if you have never watched this show before, I implore you to put it on your calendar, set your TIVO, do something! But DO NOT miss this show, Friday October 3, 2008 at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 Central Time on ABC-TV. Check your local listings.

I have not seen so much as a preview of the show (and Richard won’t give me even a single morsel), but take it from Uncle Frankie: HEENE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!

P.S. We’ll probably start seeing some juicy bits in ads for the show in the next few days.

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