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Uncle Frankie: New Media Douchebag

Guilty as charged Your Honor.

Who’s your favorite New Media Douchebag? I’m mine.

Muchas Gracias to The Lex for sending this one in.

Drinking From Cups

I have absolutely no idea what this video is about, who produced it or why.

But it makes me laugh, so here it is.

Much love to THE LEX for suggesting this video.

Spinner and Paddlefoot

As a very young child, Clutch Cargo was one of my favorite cartoon shows.

My not-yet-jaded media consciousness didn’t even pick up on the fact that there really wasn’t any animation. My friends and I only noticed that the characters’ lips looked funny.

The producers mostly just used still drawings and then superimposed video of the voiceover actors mouths speaking the script. The effect is still a bit eery.