I Got It!

That's going to leave a mark!

According to this story on AOL Fanhouse, an unnamed baseball fan fell 30 feet from the upper deck of Rangers Stadium in Arlington, Texas yesterday, trying to catch a foul ball.

He had been reaching for a foul ball off the bat of Nelson Cruz when it caromed off the facade of the stadium. The fan then, with his back to the field, reached up and over his head, losing balance in the process and tumbling over the railing.

While the fall was not captured on video, thousands of fans and several players on the field witnessed it and were visibly shaken afterward.

Play was suspended for 16 minutes while the hapless man, who landed on his back, was attended to by paramedics. He was able to move all four extremities later at the hospital. Four fans in the lower deck were also injured when landed upon. While not seriously injured, they were clearly pissed!

This unusual occurrence is rarely captured on film but your old Uncle Frankie did witness an addled concert-goer fall from the second deck of RFK Stadium in Washington, DC during a rock show in the 1970s. That person simply stood up and walked away.

I’m sure he felt it in the morning.

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