The Doll Husband

She never says no

Regular readers know that I often question why women put up with men. But let’s face it ladies, life with you guys isn’t always a joyride.

As quoted from an episode in the original Star Trek series, women are truly “The bringers of pain and delight.”

So what’s a guy to do? You can’t live with ’em and you can’t live without ’em.

Apparently, thousands of American men (like Dave Cat, pictured here with his half-white, half-Japanese “wife” Shidora) have decided that the answer is to pay $6,500 for a lifelike doll.

According to the National Geographic web site promoting their series Taboo:

  • Doll lovers can sometimes be referred to “iDollators,” and seek a community of others online, mashing together the ideas of art and pornography that brings a very thin line between desire, lust, and fetishism.
  • Thousands of men pay $6,500 for each doll.
  • The reason for having a love doll vary among owners. Psychiatrists say there’s no one common denominator behind all love doll owners.
  • For some men, doll love can hinder normal emotional development, since intimacy with real people is an important part of maturity.
  • Men sometimes carry on the complete control over the dolls to relationships with real women, which may inflict harm, emotionally and physically.

In spite of my myriad issues dealing with the opposite sex, I’m not ready to go quite this far.


3 responses to “The Doll Husband

  1. That is one hot looking silent partner! I’m not ready to go there either.

  2. I’m so excited to watch this episode! I wanna know what’s the doll owner’s thoughts, and what he is doing with this doll. Is he having a sex with her(doll)? I really really wanna know.

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