Horse Boy: International Man of Mystery

Famous, Anonymous and Equine

Famous, Anonymous and Equine

Have you seen this man, uh, I mean horse?

You would have seen him had you been in Street View while surfing Google Maps for the area around Aberdeen, Scotland.

I don’t know who he is, what he’s doing wearing a horse mask or if he knew that the Google Street View photo minions were coming through Aberdeen that day but I do know this: he’s my hero.

Let’s face it, that’s how I like my men: complicated. This guy is simultaneously famous and anonymous. And equine. No report from the BBC if he’s hung like one as well.

It would be great for someone to track where the Google photogs are headed and organize people to create scenes like this around the world.

2 responses to “Horse Boy: International Man of Mystery

  1. Aberdeen is not in England, it’s in Scotland!!! I’m Scottish and live in Aberdeen!!!! Just to be sure, Scotland and England are countries that are part of the United Kingdom – Scotland has never been part of England! We don’t know who Horseboy is either.

    • franksfunnies

      Good God Laura – thank you for correcting me!
      I am obviously no better than your average geographically-challenged American. Oh, the shame of it.
      The only excuse I can give is that the article I read only referenced Aberdeen, assuming of course that any idiot would no where that is. Well, not this idiot my friend. No sir! I’ll correct the posting.
      One last question: are you SURE you don’t know who Horse Boy is?

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