A Spider Bit My Pee Pee!

(Spoken a la “A dingo took my baby!” from the movie “A Cry In The Dark”)

According to this story on the Fox News web site, an unnamed 22 year-old Canadian tourist was nearly killed when a venomous katipo spider bit him on the penis.

The offending arachnid thought he had found a cozy home in our hero’s shorts which were left on the beach. But, after returning from a bracing skinny-dip in the surf, redonning his shorts and falling asleep, our boy awoke with a start!

Within minutes, the spider’s venom was causing him to have agonizing chest pains, a racing heart, high blood pressure and severe swelling to his penis.

I hate when that happens!

Our turgid Canadian recovered completely – after spending 16 days in the hospital. YIKES!

I doubt he’ll be cast as the next Smiling Bob on those Enzyte commercials – though I don’t doubt he could give Bob a run for his money in the junk department.

One response to “A Spider Bit My Pee Pee!

  1. Talk about calling a doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours!!! Holy shit.

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