Uncle Frankie’s Gift Shop

Uncle Frankie's Dog Spike

No animals are harmed in the production of Uncle Frankie products

After providing millions of ungrateful visitors free chuckles for nearly three years, Uncle Frankie is selling out.

That’s right, I’ve jumped the shark and decided that it’s time to start making some money off of this site.

My first venture is Uncle Frankie’s Gift Shop, which you can visit by clicking this link or by clicking on any of these photos.

You can combine any design with any product. Some samples are shown below.

Thanks in advance for your patronage, you cheap bastards!

For that special Brazilian brew

You be the judge

For that special person in your life

Hey kids, what time is it?

For the woman who has everything

When you just can't decide what it's gonna' be tonight

The question on the mind of 10 million Teabaggers

I am nothing if not helpful

Tag line for the web site "Conjugal Harmony"

Life is a series of choices

I ain't sayin' nothin', I'm just sayin'

2 responses to “Uncle Frankie’s Gift Shop

  1. It is sad you don’t have more followers…your site is great. I am going to give you some promo on mine. I love the Monkey: It’s whats for dinner. I’ll have to stop being a cheap bastard for an minute and visit your store.


  2. Thanks for the love Chuck but what makes you think I don’t have many followers? Ya’ BASTARD! 😀

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