Should Restaurants Be Forced to Serve Gay Dogs?

Is Your Gaydar Going Off?

Is Your Gaydar Going Off?

In today’s politically correct world, one would think that public establishments could not refuse service on any grounds short of no shirt, no shoes.

But one valiant Australian waiter decided he would stand and fight when it came to canines with unnatural sexual preferences.

According to this story, originally reported by The Sunday Mail, a blind man named Ian Jolly and his female companion attempted to enter Adelaide’s Thai Spice restaurant last May with Jolly’s guide dog Nudge, when a member of the wait staff objected because he understood the woman “to be saying she wanted to bring a gay dog into the restaurant”.

Well, who the hell wouldn’t object? Hey! I’m trying to eat here! Do you mind?

“The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog,” the owners said in a statement to South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

I’m with the Teabaggers on this one folks. Political correctness has gone too far. First we have to put up with 27 handicapped parking spaces in front of every God-fearing 7-11, the next thing you know Will and Grace is in syndication, and now this. I don’t care where this waiter says he from, he’s a fine American.

Unfortunately, his convictions also cost the restaurant owners one.

The tribunal on Friday ordered the restaurant to pay Jolly 1500 dollars (1400 US) and offer him a written apology for discriminating against him on the grounds of disability.

What the hell is this world coming too?

One response to “Should Restaurants Be Forced to Serve Gay Dogs?

  1. That was some funny stuff! At least he made some money on the ordeal.

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