Bongless in Miami

No thanks, I'm trying to quit...

Is nothing sacred?

According to this story published on the web site, the Florida legislature has unanimously passed a bill that will run most head shops out of business.

Under the new law, no shop owner can derive more than 25% of their revenue from bongs, pipes, papers, etc. without running the risk of losing their business license and possibly spending as much as a year in jail.

“I’ve been fighting the pipe industry for the longest, because it is all a part of the drug trade and the criminal enterprise that we know exists and destroys neighborhoods, families and order in our society,” State Representative Darryl Rouson said earlier this month.

Sure Darryl. Is that what your other brother Darryl told you to say?

Florida’s “Bong Bill” strikes me as being in odd contrast to all of the loosening of marijuana laws occurring in other states across the country.

Then again, we are talking about Florida here.


3 responses to “Bongless in Miami

  1. Yeah this will will bring the drug scene to a screeching halt…right…

  2. Lol, love how they think if they take our bongs away, we won’t be able to smoke, not only bongs, you get the idea… Lol, guess if all else fails, still can make an earth pipe… Done it before.

  3. I see where LA is closing down pot clinics! Just when I thought we had turned a corner.

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