What Is The Cost of Virginity?

About $3,600 American, in case you’re interested.

According to this article on the BBC News web site, an unknown number of women from Arab and Asian countries travel to Paris each year to have their virginity restored at a specialty plastic surgery clinic.

Why are they doing this? To avoid being ostracized – or possibly murdered – if it is discovered that they had sex before marriage.

They want to ensure that blood is spilled on their wedding night sheets.

Romantic, eh?

For those on a budget, several Chinese manufacturers are marketing “artificial hymens” on the web for around $30. Oh those crazy Chinamen.

Clearly this is one of those “Funny hmm…” stories. There is nothing humorous about it. What is amazing is the hubris of the men and families who are willing to commit “honor murders” against women they supposedly love because they feel shamed by female extramarital sex.

As usual, there are apparently no penalties for the guys who “got lucky” with these girls.


One response to “What Is The Cost of Virginity?

  1. Ahh the good old double standard…where would we be without it!

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