Uncle Frankie: New Media Douchebag

Guilty as charged Your Honor.

Who’s your favorite New Media Douchebag? I’m mine.

Muchas Gracias to The Lex for sending this one in.


3 responses to “Uncle Frankie: New Media Douchebag

  1. It seems to be a recursive condition, this “new media douchebag” thing. The guy who created the You Tube clip and posted it just outed himself as a new media douchebag. Touching.

    • Forgive me for saying so, but… DUH!

      That’s the whole idea! He’s a New Media Douchebag. I’m a New Media Douchebag. And now YOU’RE a New Media Douchbag.


  2. Oh, no…. I’M an electronic pundit. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

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