David Letterman’s Top 10 Bush Moments

No matter your political leanings, this is painful to watch. Enjoy…

This video is an interesting example of the way media are distributed today. It’s a clip which originally aired on CBS TV, made up of clips from a variety of other networks. It was replayed on C-SPAN where this recording was captured and then posted on YouTube. Now I’ve grabbed the embed code from YouTube and posted it here where you are watching it. Copyright? What copyright?

2 responses to “David Letterman’s Top 10 Bush Moments

  1. More pointlessly meanspirited crap from David Letterman.

    Is there a Top 10 Letterman Moments, where we can access the clips of Dave smooching the butts of prominent liberal celebrities?

  2. Sorry if that sounded harsh. I liked Letterman more back when he was with NBC. Now, I get the feeling that his material’s being handed to him from CBS headquarters in Black Rock.

    I mean, hey, no “Top Ten Earmarks in the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Package?” Obama’s giving them the material….

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