Monkey: It’s What’s For Dinner

According to the Washington Post, a man flying into Dulles Airport from the Central African Republic was found to have three charred monkey carcasses, along with dried beef and deer meat in his suitcase.

Mmmm, That's Some GOOD Monkey!

Mmmm, That's Some GOOD Monkey!

Customs Officials stopped the man after trained dogs alerted to the presence of meat in his luggage. The charred appearance of the monkey bodies indicated that they were headed for a stew pot somewhere in the greater Washington, DC area.

The man admitted to carrying the “bush meat,” was not arrested and was allowed to enter the country without penalty. The monkeys were confiscated and the other meat destroyed.

The monkey carcasses, inadmissible under U.S. law, were confiscated and are being inspected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; monkeys can easily introduce infectious diseases to humans.

Thanks Mom! You make the best monkey anywhere!


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