KopBusters Hit Town

If you have never had a more-than-just-unpleasant encounter with a police officer, you may not be willing to accept that some cops abuse their powers on a regular basis. Other than through the courts and media, you may no forum in which to air your grievances against a law enforcement agency. Finding your civil rights don’t exist can be a very alarming experience, especially when dealing with an armed officer of the state.

A new Internet-based reality show is looking to put bad cops on the defensive. Using the cops’ own sting tactics, KopBusters plans to travel the country exposing police corruption and citizen abuse. Their first bust was in Odessa, Texas. While the whole scenario is not quite as dramatic as you might expect, the result was exactly what the publicity-seeking producers were looking for.

Take a look and post a comment. BTW: turn your volume way down as this clip is seriously over-modulated.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha’ gonna’ do?


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