Richard Heene Featured On “The Soup”

It looks like Richard’s fame is growing after his appearance on Wife Swap with Mayumi.

I used to think that Richard Heene was one of a kind. After seeing his kids, I’m not so sure.

20 responses to “Richard Heene Featured On “The Soup”

  1. I’m watching the Heene’s second Wife Swap episode and frankly, we’re all cracking up here.

    Richard “my parents and my in-laws are aliens” Heene and a fat psychic lady – I thought it was a match made in heaven, but noooo… You have to hustle up contracting work for Massa to be a good wife, apparently.

    My sister’s grandkid’s family was on that show, and he says the producers egg the kids on to act up, be obnoxious and all the other outrageous stuff you see on the show. I HOPE that’s what’s happening with Heeny on this episode.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Richard has always been a spaz. Even so, he’s playing it up for the camera. Mayumi is one of the sweetest, most gentle people you could ever meet. She and the kids are definitely putting on a show.

  2. Richard Heene is no doubt intelligent but he is most definately ADD and probably Bi-Polar. After seeing him again this week (3/13/09) I am convinced. I would probably through a little “Intermittent Rage Syndrome” in there as well. I hope he seeks treatment. Those kids are growing up just like him. Yikes.

  3. Guess safety-mom forgot to get rid of the flying saucer.

  4. Apparently one of his kids is in that balloon drifting across Colorado right now.

  5. I hope his son, Falcon, is found alive and safe.

  6. Judy I think you nailed it on the head. Unfortunately his youngest son probably died today due to Richard Heene going untreated.

  7. You have got to be kidding!!!…Mayum “sweet and gentle” ???? Are you an alien?

  8. According to the New York Times, your buddy might have just tried to pull off the latest in contemporary hoaxes.

    “You guys said that we did it for the show.”

  9. Anyone can plainly see this was a publicity stunt that was staged by Falon’s family. As the mother of four children, I feel it would be a great injustice for this family to go unpunished for such a ludicrous act. Not only were the lives of others at risk just for this family to get some TV time, an untold number of people were truly scared for this child. Since the family is not teaching Falon and his siblings that such an inconciderate ploy for attention is dangerous and wrong, society will sooner or later. There are thousands of American children that will think, that boy got away with that so I can pull a similar stunt and get on TV and be famous too. I feel sorry for Falon and his brothers because their parents who are supposed to teach them right from wrong, are teaching them that it is fine to lie and put the lives of others in danger for attention and selfish purposes. Unfortunatly, the lessons parents fail to teach their children are taught by society and life.

  10. I and most of north and central Colorado spent a good deal of yesterday scared to death for Falcon Heene (my friend, a Navy veteran, observed that Heene Junior was obviously establishing his bona fides to enroll at the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs… ).

    Now many of us are wondering, after watching excerpts from the CNN interview (with Larry King, no less), whether we’ve been p’wned. In fact, here in Denver, the local TV stations are leading with the question “Was it a hoax?”

    Young Heene’s remarks and the seemingly cheerful, upbeat manner of his parents after the incident (during the CNN interview) make me wonder…


    is the Heene family’s venture into rap music. Local TV news channels have been running this, but FCC regulations require them to bleep much of the soundtrack and the song’s title, “We’re Not Pussified.” Seems to me like dear old Dad was the producer, cinematographer, editor and general enabler of this video.

    The term “media whores” comes to mind….

  12. Shame on you, Richard!
    You use your kids for your own publicity stunt and huge amount of tax $$$ are wasted.
    I hope Mayumi is not in it, but if she is CPS should step in.

  13. The man is suffering from manic psychosis and needs a hospital stay, some valium and anti-psychotic meds. He needs help, not jail. He’s probably unipolar and people should be praying for him, not shaming him.

  14. Of course Mayumi is in on it….her kids were in on it…How do you possibly expect the mother of these uncontrollable boys NOT to know?
    She has participated in everything else.
    As far as CPS….CPS would be negligent if they do not do a study. This family has never had any consideration about putting their children at risk either physically, and now morally.

  15. I think perhaps everyone (including me) needs to step back, take a deep breath, and concede that there’s a lot less to this story than meets the eye. It’s honestly hard to see from the footage I’ve seen how much of this story was genuine fact, how much was hyped up by the ever-vigilant Colorado electronic news media, and how much was played up by various members of the Heene family.

    Expecting a 6 year-old kid to come off coherent and lucid on camera with Wolf Blitzer of CNN after all of that day’s events is probably a bit much to ask.

    Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – needs to dismount from their high horses and let the dust settle before making more lofty or snarky pronouncements as to who was culpable in what way. That’s what investigators are for.

    Now is the time for everyone not personally or professionally connected with the balloon story to take a deep breath and not create more drama from this event than is called for. Please, let’s all try to use the Golden Rule here, and give the Heenes as much slack as we would want to be given if we were in the same predicament.

  16. It just stopped being funny, y’all.,0,4955306.story

    “Balloon Boy drama a hoax, Heene parents to face felony charges

    KDVR Denver

    3:12 PM MDT, October 18, 2009

    “Larimer Co. Sheriff Jim Alderden announces that charges will be filed against the parents of Falcon Heene.

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. – It was a publicity stunt after all.

    The Larimer County Sheriff on Sunday said criminal charges will be filed against Richard and Mayumi Heene, the parents of a 6-year-old boy thought to have been swept away in a homemade helium balloon last week, after determining the entire incident was a hoax…. ”

    Let’s pray for those people, please. Whatever they intended to do, it has suddenly become very nasty and out of control.

  17. Wish someone would interview some of these Curtain Climber’s teacher’s – Can you even imagine these hyper active, off-the-wall Rug Rats in your own kids classroom?? Holy sh*t Batman!!!!!!!!

  18. “Please, let’s all try to use the Golden Rule here, and give the Heenes as much slack as we would want to be given if we were in the same predicament.”

    I’m betting the local police aren’t going to give them much slack when they surrender on Wednesday to face charges.

    Maybe they ought to change the kid’s name to FELON.

  19. The six-year old kid isn’t the “felon” in this case.

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