Worst Day Of The Year For Sex Offenders

Talk about your Testosterone Blues! It must really suck to be a registered sex offender.

Besides just looking in the mirror every morning – and dealing with your conscience – there’s that pesky requirement that you tell everyone from your boss to your neighbors that you’ve been convicted of a sex crime.

And now this.

According to the Washington Post, in advance of Halloween, the state of Maryland began mailing out signs to their crop of 1,200 rapists, child molesters and animal lovers that say “No Candy at This Residence.”

Registered offenders are required to post the signs on the front doors, stay inside, turn off all outdoor lighting and not answer the door on Friday October 31.

Maryland is also sending pamphlets statewide warning parents and children to stay away from homes posting the signs.

I have a feeling that local teenagers won’t be inclined to heed that warning. Maybe November 1st will really be the worst day of the year for these pervs.

In a letter included in the package containing the sign, the state supportively tells degenerates:

Halloween provides a rare opportunity for you to demonstrate to your neighbors that you are making a sincere effort to change the direction of your life.



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