Richard and Mayumi Heene’s “Wife Swap” Performances

Well, I hope everyone took my advice and watched Wife Swap last night.

Richard Heene Blows His Wife's Mind

Richard Heene Blows His Wife's Mind

As promised: Richard Heene did not disappoint!

The real surprise to me was Mayumi. While I don’t know her as well as I do Richard, I was shocked and amazed by her gutsy, heartfelt outbursts and approach to her new husband and family.

By the end of the show, both wives came across as heroes and both husbands looked like buffoons.

No surprise there – either on Wife Swap specifically or in American mass media generally. From the original “Honey, the Ajax turned blue!” to the most recent spots from Lowe’s, dad is always a dufus.

I’m going to see if I can get Richard and Mayumi to do an interview with me to post here. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, post your comments on the show, the Heene’s and the sad state of Dad’s rep in America. Let’s hear it Pops!

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63 responses to “Richard and Mayumi Heene’s “Wife Swap” Performances

  1. Please encourage Richard to seek professional psychological help when you interview him. No amount of editing on the part of ABC could make him look like a “normal” individual. From the kooky song he sang for Karin to the explosion over her purchasing new bicycle helmets, Richard screams “BI POLAR” like nobody I’ve ever seen!!!!

  2. Professionals cannot help Richard.

    No amount of skill or science is sufficient to defeat his will. Heene is as Heene does. And one never knows what Heene will do next.

    Just as no amount of editing could make him look normal, no Hollywood magic could make him appear as frenetic as he did last night on television, and every day of his life in person.

    As for bi-polar, Richard is quint-polar and more.

  3. Richard’s “crazy genius” was not at all disturbing. His contempt and disdain for women was. Hope comments along the lines as women are useless after 25, sagging after 25, liking them to keep their “childlike” wonder were an act for the camera. Kids that old needing mom to put their socks and shoes and and him expecting it to be done by his wife. Seriously what kinda of man calls a woman a bitch while holding his young son? Wonder what type of esteem they have for women when they grow up? Seesh. How long until until Mayumi is replaced with an 18 year old mail order from Moscow?

  4. This guy is batshit crazy and this eccentric genius idea you are trying to push doesn’t hold any water. If I were you I would be humiliated to be associated with Richard Heene. He either has a severe mental disorder, an amphetamine problem or both. This pseudo-scientist is surrounded by too many stupid people who tell him he’s smart. He is teaching behaviors to his children that are going to hinder their ability to function in society. What a mess! Please do the world a favor and get him off illicit drugs or on some kind of prescribed psychotropic medication.

    • “Batshit crazy”?

      Yeah, I’d say that describes Richard. I can’t argue with any of the points you have made.

      I will only say this: I knew Richard for years before he hit the big time on network television. He is a real person with flaws and insecurities like the rest of us.

      Why does Mayumi stay with him? I have no idea. She is a sweet, intelligent, talented woman whom I have always been proud to know. Who can figure out any man/woman relationship? Not me.

      Cut some Richard some slack sir. He’s no better nor worse than you or I in the human being department. The only difference between him and us is that his life is up on network TV for everyone to see and judge.

      BTW: Richard does not do drugs – of any kind. What you see is what you get with Richard Heene.

  5. To see Mayumi crying “your boys are suffering”, summed up my same profound concern for her own boys. I am so deeply deeply disturbed by this episode of Wife Swap, which I accidentally happened upon today, that I was compelled to make sure I wasn’t the only one to have been angered and upset by this. Richard is not a “mad scientist” (nor a “good father” as he claims) he is a mentally unstable, aggressive, completely irrational, disrespectful, sexist, emotionally retarded, chauvinist with acute anger issues who needs professional psychiatric help immediately. As a woman, to see another woman put up with such degrading treatment is harrowing. As a child carer, to see three beautiful innocent boys, subjected to such aggression and abusive behaviour; for them to grow up thinking that is normal or acceptable, brings me to tears. I believe the network has a responsibility to step in and report Richard’s behaviour to authorities. He is not cute, or endearing, he is out and out abusive. And by no means do I buy the manipulative performance at the end of the episode. That is exactly how men like him continue to behave like beasts, and woman continue to accept it.

    • I’m sorry that the episode upset you so much. As someone who knows the Heenes off-camera, I hope you will be comforted to know that both Mayumi and the kids are very happy and well-adjusted. They don’t take Richard any more seriously than I do. Perhaps that’s not a good way to look at your dad but, as a dad myself, I can tell you that everyone from every mother’s son to Madison Avenue views dads as idiots.

      Richard and Mayumi’s children are beautiful, intelligent and socially integrated. If you need something to worry about, find something else. Believe it or not, this is a very happy family.


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  7. I just watched the 2nd swap the Heene family was on. I personally wanted to wash their boys mouths out with soap by the end of the show. Such language & disrespect in such small children is apalling! I did not find any respect in mayumi or Richard-what is wrong with these people- even though he apologized, for a grown man to throw milk on a guest in his house was revolting. I amnot sure he is functioning with a complete mind, ok he is a genius-whatever-that is no excuse for his rudeness. And Mayumi seems to facilitate both his craziness and her sons’ horrid behavior.The criticism of the other man’s hairstyle was completely out of line- what difference does it make how he wore his hair. The psychic has the patience of a saint-god love her! Editing aside I would worry about the Heene family-

  8. I am also watching the second episode featuring the Heene family, and I am once again appalled and disgusted at Richard’s behavior. His children may be conditioned to think that how their father acts is normal and acceptable, but let me tell you, a man yelling and screaming and throwing things at women? It’s horribly abusive. And in general, his attitude and comments to and about women are disgusting and abrasive.

    • Take a chill pill Jenn. Richard is out of control. That’s obvious. But I’ve seen worse fathers. Kids adapt, they deal, grow up and behave however they choose. I’m not endorsing Richard’s behavior. All I’m saying is that I know him as a person and what you are seeing is him overacting for the camera.

  9. Richard Heene is clearly a misogynist that lacks basic self control. Maybe Richard can convince young girls(under 25) that he is cool/sane, but no adult woman in there right mind would put up with his behavior. His derogatory comments re: women over 25 are disrespectful mostly to his own wife, and are very telling about his relationship with his own mother. I’m sure that through out his life he has been repeatedly rejected by women his own age, due to the fact that his mental illness is so outwardly visible. I deeply hope that his children do not inherit his illness, and learn how to deal with having an unstable parent. Hopefully someone can get through to Richard and convince him to seek professional help.

  10. Who could have known that one of the kids would later take dad’s flying saucer for a ride?

  11. Please, Please Have Richard try to get psychiatric counseling. His child is currently hanging in the balance of life and death because his dad is a nut job. Too much! Why would you EVER think to put your 6yo CHILD in a homemade contraption that has the ability to carry your baby hundreds of miles away and thousands of feet in the air?! I’m so dissapointed.

  12. Heene… the kid is the one that floated off in the balloon?

  13. Take a look at the news this afternoon…rescue crews are chasing an “experimental aircraft” across the state of Colorado because Richard and Mayumi Heene are saying that their (6-year-old) son Falcon is inside of it…update: the aircraft just crash-landed in a field – Falcon was not inside. Nobody seems to know where he is…wow – just…wow. :/

  14. Their boy is in the weather balloon today … hope he is safe !

  15. Wow – where is his son today? Watch out for falling helium-filled UFOs.

  16. look the wife swap epidsode taught them to keep there kids safe. if you have heard a recent news story one of their kid was taken off in a air balloon

  17. Woot! loopy your relative is flying over Colorado

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  19. Frank: How you feeling about Frank’s sanity now that his youngest is missing somewhere over NE Colorado? Normal like the rest of us? You’re just as crazy and crass as he.

  20. Now Richard’s son has made CNN by releasing the family’s giant helium balloon!

  21. i hope the search for their 6-yr old is successful and that he is ok. i couldn’t believe my eyes when i watched the live coverage of that helium aircraft flying through the sky.

  22. Your blog is about to get about a trillion visitors. Hope their son is alright.

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  24. So, I heard Richard Henne was inventing a UFO-shaped balloon with enough lift to carry the weight of a 6-year old child.

    How did that turn out? XD

  25. Richard is a bit of a media whore! I was not surprise when he showed up the news today! He probably let the balloon go himself then told his son to hide. It’s been a while since Wife Swap…and the coverage about the storm chasing on channel 4!

    I’m going to go with the “Batshit Crazy” vote. Hilarious.

  26. Wow… Authorities have to look closely at the episodes, the news coverage previously, and the father’s obvious desire for attention… Anyone that goes on Wife Swap Twice is CRAVING attention… Craving it bad enough to faking having his son fly away on a helium balloon. I think it’s obvious, and the older brother was told to tell the Police that little brother was on board. Richard has to pay the price now… the harshest possible sentence for what he’s done.

  27. Well I haven’t even watched the episode(s) of Wife Swap that you people are referring to so perhaps should not even comment. That being said, I can’t help but note that this show has been on the air for a few years and people want to see drama or they wouldn’t watch it.
    I imagine that couples are chosen based on their ability to go over the top. I’m not a fan of misogynistic behaviour but know that reality tv has evolved into a forum for lay people to “act” out in inappropriate ways.

  28. wishingtheheenewasntincolorado

    Dear Franks Funnies,
    I live in Colorado and after the stunt that happened today 10-15-2009, with the homemade hot air balloon, you cannot convince me that Richard is
    1. Not no worse than the rest of the human race.
    2. That the kids are “well-adjusted” that has to be a lie you are telling yourself. AND…
    3.That Jenn needs to take a chill pill!!!

    The nick-name for Richard is Dick, and in this case is well, lets just say that it fits better than in any other case that I’ve known of!

    He cannot be a good father, a father who loves his children. He’s using his children to make money, to get publicity and to get out his crazy ideas on what is strong and tough, which comes from a man who is weak, and full of fear. A real man does not abuse his wife and children for any reason, and Dick is clearly abusing his wife and children to make him look strong and smart.

    He is weak, afraid, and angry, so he teaches his young son’s to disrespect women, as well as men and children, but women mostly women. He is a disgrace to real men, and if something doesn’t change, his son’s will be too someday.

    Someone better get in their and pull those boys out of that abusive home and put them into a good home with loving parents who will teach these boys how to be strong, mature men. If they aren’t removed from this home, they are going to turn into delinquents that spend their adult lives in prison for something like murder!

    How sad, and how sad you would try to back Dick up on the way he raises his young boys, shame on you!

  29. To Franks comment above telling the poster to “chill”, that kids adapt, grow up and behave how they choose. Are you for real?? How do you think that children’s minds, values, morals, etc. are shaped as they mature?? Mostly by their parents. Once they become adults, they will be grown up and behave how they choose BUT it will be in the manner that they were taught as children. If you are raised like an animal, you likely will act like one. If you are raised with morals, respect, etc. then that will show as you grow up. I don’t know this family and haven’t seen enough to speak about them but to say that how they are raised now will change as soon as they can choose for themselves is ignorant. Just watching the rap video disgusted me, as a parent. Allowing small children to talk like that as if it’s ok is revolting. If these kids grow up to act like this in public like school, etc. they will be in great trouble. IF, and I say if, these boys are being raised without boundries, seeing the disrespect or women or any person for that matter, swearing, etc. what type of adults do you think they’ll be like?? I don’t even want to know.

    • If you’ll notice, my response to that comment was posted a year ago – before the second Wife Swap episode, rap video or the Balloon Boy event. When I last visited with Richard, Mayumi and their kids I found loving parents and three sweet kids. What exactly has transpired since then – or during this latest incident – is beyond my personal experience. Once this storm settles down I’m going to invite Richard to do a telephone interview with me to give his side of the story outside of the glare of the media.

  30. Heene is toast; I hope the authorities fine and sentence him to the fullest extent and some inmate in a Colorado correctional facility launches an “experimental” aircraft straight up his ass!

  31. haven’t been able to find the full episode but just the clip where him and his wife point and laugh like maniacs at the other cuople, well, I can just imagine. Nobody on wife swap is.ever.normal.

  32. I can’t believe CNN devoted all day to this story. From the first moments, it was obvious it was staged. Where is Ted Turner when you need him. His CNN wouldn’t be acting like TMZ. Fame seeking parents couldn’t stage everything however, the kid tells the whole world that “you guys told me to do it for the show” out of the mouth of babes!

  33. Sometimes good things come out of bad things. In this case, the good thing is that child welfare authorities are planning to investigate the Heene family. Richard is an adult and he can do as he pleases, but he does not have the right to abuse or endanger his children.

    Even if this event was not a planned hoax for publicity, I would ask why a 6 year old was so afraid of his own father that he felt better hiding in the attic for over three hours than risking his father’s anger. I would also ask why this same child was so stressed that he threw up TWICE in interviews about the event. That sort of stress level in children is abnormal and deserves a look by trained child welfare agents.

    • I can’t speak to Falcon’s choice to hide in the attic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his vomiting weren’t related to the stress and attention of the whole event, exacerbated by having to appear on multiple nationwide news shows for hours on end without sleep.

  34. This Richard is a psycho and his kids are damaged because of his untreated mental illness. Those kids look filthy, I guess, Dad doesn’t require they bath? They also have filthy minds and filthy mouth’s. I hope Heene ends up in jail, that is where he belongs. Throwing Milk at a woman is defined as throwing a missel, against the law. He should have been arrested. I see he hit his wife once and 911 was called. Gave his wife a red eye and mark on her face. Man, she needs to get away from that nutjob. The kids will probably grow up to be serial killers and hate and stalk women.

  35. Deputy made Feb. visit to Colorado balloon family
    (AP) – 1 day ago

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A Colorado sheriff’s deputy responded to a 911 hang-up in February at the home of a family now known for reporting that their young son was in a balloon that got away.

    The Larimer County Sheriff’s deputy who went to the home said he heard a man yelling and, once inside, noticed Mayumi Heene had a mark on her cheek and broken blood vessels in her eye. She said it was because of a problem with her contacts.

    Richard Heene said he was yelling because his children stayed up past their bedtime.

    The deputy concluded he didn’t have probable cause to make an arrest, but believed a physical altercation may have occurred. No charges were filed.

    It was one of three 911 calls made from the home within the past year, but the only one in which a report was filed.

    Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

  36. Watch Heene assault a woman on WIfe Swap.

  37. This is my last comment. Did you see the Video of Falcon covered in brown/black matter, sitting on the toliet? It looked like he was covered in shit.

    What kind of Father would do that to his child?

    That is sick,not funny.

    These kids are doomed and Richard is a nutjob who should be locked up.

  38. Here is the video of the boy on the toliet covered in feces.

    If this man was my friend, I would be damned if I would admit it, much less say he is a wonderful dad.

    • Wow…
      I had not seen this video. Certainly not what I would have had my kids doing on camera when they were little. Clearly not their creation either. At this point, I’m withholding further comment or judgement – and I’m certainly not going to email Richard since the Sherrif’s going through all his computers and emails!


  40. I became aware of Richard Heene last week on the Wife Swap episode including the “safety family.” It was very disturbing.

    Tonight, I read a breaking news headline across the bottom of my television screen and thought I recognized Richard Heene’s name from the Wife Swap episode that had aired last week that had been so very disturbing – especially from the perspective of these three young boys being subjected to such insanity.

    Sure enough . . . the same guy. I must admit, I wasn’t that shocked.

    Since the balloon incident that I became aware of only today, I’ve begun doing some online surfing and came across your website and comments.

    Shame on you, Frank, for ever encouraging and/or defending the disturbing behavior of this “juvenile.” He cannot be described as a man.

    Am now wondering what will happen to these three, can’t even call them “innocent” young boys. Their parents have stripped them of their innocence and you have encouraged and supported such a disturbed individual.

    One has to wonder . . . why?

    So very sad.

  41. Frank, your really fucked up promoting such a horrible father and dysfunctional family. They needed help years ago, any one could have seen this from his 1st wife swap episode, etc. Instead you promote this damage as eccentric genius. What a joke, I think YOU need help distinguishing normal from abnormal. Rot in hell bastard, we got enough crazies in the world, we don’t need more.

  42. I hope the Sheriff sees his child sitting on the toliet wiped down in what could be feces.

  43. It was about a year ago that I commented on this very blog about Richard Heene’s wife swap appearance. We all know reality tv is manipulated and often times scripted, but something about Heene was just too disturbing to chock up to playing for the camera.

    Heene is a narcissistic psycho; the sheriff all but called him an abuser. Not surprised. My instincts were correct. How could you be friends with him and not sense or realize what it took millions to deduce in about 30 minutes via tv?

    • Tiffany I wondered the same thing! How could Frank not realize how psycho this man is? I wonder if in Frank’s attempt to show the world that men are made to look stupid on tv he forgot that all men and all women are not the same. Though he may perceive the media this way he was unable to notice how psycho Richard Heene was because it didn’t mesh with his agenda. It’s like when people involved in civil rights can’t see when a minority is actually just a crappy person.

      When I heard about the balloon boy incident this is the first place I came back to, to see if Frank was still singing Richard’s praises. It was obvious to me on wife swap that Richard was publicity crazy and just plain crazy! It’s rare that you get to argue about someone on tv and then have them prove you right later on!

    • I speak from first hand experience that Richard Heene is an unstable crazy abusive person. I was a child in his home years ago and was the victim of his temper tantrums and fits. I witnessed him tear apart furniture, abuse my mother, and was on the receiving end of his physical mental and emotional abuse. He is smart though. And he is extemely manipulative. He made sure to hit where it didnt bruise easily and where bruises wouldnt show with clothes on. I witnessed him con and scam people through his constuction business. i saw him lie and steal. I was taught to lie and steal for him too. and when i finally got the nerve to call child protective services, he convinced them i was a troubled child who was lying. i was hoping that with this media coverage he has always craved so much, that some truth would come to light. That he would be forced to get some mental health treatment, and that his family would get some peace. But it looks as though that isnt the case. i pray for those boys and his wife. I pray that we dont read one day that they are missing, or found dead. It wouldnt surprise me though if we did.

  44. Note the Santa hat. The kid is dressed up to be Mr. Hanky from South Park. It’s obviously not real feces. Maybe chocolate pudding? I’m sure they had a blast making that video. I wish my dad would have been cool enough to film me disguised as an animated piece of poo when I was younger. You people need to lighten up and get a life.

  45. The SIck Asshole moved the video so Authorities couldn’t see it.

    What’s the Matter Richard Heene, you aren’t so tough anymore, are you, pyscho.

  46. hey frank, you need to get yourself together and re-eval your judgement of people. you keep talking about richards ‘media glare’ as if it is cast on him without his doing. this is what he craves, and then he gets a pass for ‘overreacting’ for the cam? the same cam he is going to end up in prison to have pointed his way? and btw, as a human being there are vastly different qualities. how can you possibly believe that just because we all have flaws that we are no better/worse than richard. if that was the case we would not need a legal system get a life you clown.

  47. Richard Heene is a stark reminder of what happens t0 people who suffer from mental disorders that go untreated. His narcissistic manic bipolar controls the lives of everyone around, especially his immediate family. Similar to a spouse that enables a drug addict, Mayumi has dedicated her whole life in supporting his mental disorder. I hope this does not end tragically. It seems to me that if Richard loses the ability to feel like a “charismatic star” in his world, then the rage that appears to always be lying right underneath the surface of his personality will explode and could cause real harm.
    The only thing I would caution is people so quick to criticize the boys – they be harmed by their parent’s behavior but they certainly are not lost causes. They are in the process of developing their personal value system and of course their parents are horrible role models. We need to pray that there is an adult in their lives that is a good solid person to balance out the bad examples from their parents.

    • Very insightful Jennifer. I think you have correctly diagnosed Mayumi’s enabling behavior and hope Richard can make it through this without reacting as you have predicted.

    • I agree Jenni. You hit the nail on the head. But what choice does Mayumi have? I read somewhere she isnt a citizen. Knowing him as I do I am sure he has her convinced that without him she would have to go back to japan and the boys would stay here with him. He is a master when it comes to mind games and beating you down emotionally until you are convinced his way is the only way. As a mother if i thought my choices were to stay where i could act as a buffer between him and my children or go and leave the children with him, I would choose to stay too. Unfortunately the reality is that she wouldnt get deported if she left. and there is help out there and a better life without him. we are way better without him and she would be too.

  48. I am in shock…these Heenes are absolutely revolting people. Richard is an absolute bumbling buffoon and his wife is just pitiful. He clearly has a full blown case of narcissistic personality disorder and probably some other mental disorder like bipolar. If that’s the case, at least there is some explanation. Otherwise, he is simply the biggest boob on the planet. Those poor poor children. What utter humiliation to be born as his sons.

  49. A concerned person

    Those kids need to be removed from that house!! Richard is not fit to raise those kids and gives men a bad name. He is a control freak that is probably an abuser. He verbally abused his “new” wifes on the show and howdegrading is it for his wife to answer his calls when he uses a bull horn!! TV should not allow him on any more shows. These kids they are raising are unfortunately going to have a hard time dealing with life.
    Richard acts like a little kid when dealing with problems and could not do anything . He thinks he is acting intelligent but in reality is extremely dumb. You can also notice he is very manipulative and the mistreatment is a big cycle of bad actions to apologizing and then bad actions again. I can only hope that his wife is smart and will leave him and the kids get removed from the house.

  50. Dear Frank,

    I’d just love to say that you are a fucking idiot for supporting his behaviour. Those kids aren’t happy or smart. I am absolutely appaled to see kids that age cussing. You’re just as crazy as Richard for supporting him. Seriously what’s wrong with people nowdays. Mayumi needs to fucking realize she is abusing her children by letting them live with him in the same house. She is as much to blame as he is. She did seem very smart and strong on the wife swap episode though. I truly hope she gets out of that environment soon with the kids.

    • Dear Isa,

      I’d like to say that you too are a fucking idiot for posting a comment to a two year-old blog posting.

      Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?

      They read a blog post about Richard and Mayumi Heene that was written a year before the infamous Balloon Boy incident and then infer all kinds of meanings and messages from their own twisted consciousness. My favorite part is how the insult me personally.

      Oh well, I approve their rants nonetheless as I hate censorship and believe that everyone, not just me, has the right to make an asshole of themselves on a worldwide scale.

      Thank you for your insight Isa. Please write back again soon.


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