High Tech Horn Dog

Men never cease to amaze.

It is well documented that, in their endless quest to achieve sexual gratification, some men will stop at almost nothing.

But Thomas Daley of Philadephia surely deserves some kind of prize.

For ingenuity, innovative use of technology, and idiocy.

According to the Associated Press, police allege that over the past 19 years Daley, now 45, installed hidden cameras in at least 7 apartments he rented to women in suburban Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Daley’s current system feeds the video data down to a server in the basement which then streams sound and pictures live to his place via the Internet. Clever boy that Tommy.

He hid the tiny cameras behind mirrors and in cabinets and ceiling fans, and some turned on with the flip of a light switch.

But he wasn’t content being a lewd landlord. He decided to add bungling burglar to his resume.

Realizing the cops were on to him, Big Tom tried to break into two apartments to remove his gear. He now faces a total of 66 charges including invasion of privacy, wiretapping, burglary and evidence tampering and is being held on $1 million bail.

No party at Tom’s place this weekend boys.


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