Proof of Heene’s Existence on Wife Swap

Oh, My, God.

I now not only have proof that Richard Heene and his family will be appearing on Wife Swap, but am also able to share a synopsis of the show and a short video clip from ABC Television. Here’s the first sentence of the synopsis:

The Heene family from Colorado lives life on the edge, wife Mayumi and storm scientist Richard, take their three kids, Bradford, Ryo and Falcon out of school to go on storm chasing missions to prove Richard’s theories about magnetic fields and gravity.

Richard, Mayumi and their three boys.

Whet your appetite? Click on this link or the picture above read the full description and watch the clip. You can also click here to learn how you can vote for the Heene’s as your favorite family on the show starting at noon on Friday October 3rd

For more information about my friend Richard, his family and their upcoming 60 minutes of fame, click here to read my previous posting .

Just a reminder: The Heene’s will be featured on the Season Premier episode of Wife Swap, Friday October 3, 2008 at 8:00 Eastern Time on ABC Television. Check your local listings and, whatever you do, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW.

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16 responses to “Proof of Heene’s Existence on Wife Swap

  1. I watched his Wife Swap episode and I’m wondering if I can get into contact with him to talk about the physics in his theories. Please email me if you have any contact info.

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  3. falcon… UP UP AND AWAY!

  4. As an SEO in Denver I keep up to date with news and stuff pretty quickly via the internet…I hope this guys son is okay when they find out what happened after that balloon got away and landed empty…

  5. laughing so hard

    this is the kid on the damn flying saucer in the news

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  7. Wow. The Heene family really went from “Reality TV” to real “Reality TV”. I hope everything turns out alright with their boy. That Wife Swap episode foreshadowed what was to come of them.

  8. God bless you! I hope you find your son and that he is alive and well!

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  11. I just saw them on the news.

  12. Stupid idiots. He’s not a scientist, he has no degree. Just a bunch of dumb hicks. I feel bad for the kids.

  13. Shame on you all for hoaxing the whole thing! A felony on your record isn’t going to help you get any tv deals.

  14. What they did was wrong. They worried a lot of people with this sham.

  15. What's the frequency, Kenneth?

    They’re manipulative and dishonest people, or so it seems, but “hicks?”

  16. I’m amazed that Richard Heene did not come clean straight away when Falcon spilled the beans on live TV. By lying to the media saying it was not a hoax on more than one occasion (even though it was pretty damn obvious that it was), makes him a thorn in the bum of society. How can anyone now trust him to tell the truth? If he is prepared to lie to this extent, then he simply cannot be trusted. A good parent should always teach their kids to be honest. By telling them to lie to the media about the balloon incident now puts their role as good parents into jeopardy, especially when they put their children at serious risk when chasing storms which could eventually kill them, and more so having the kids take a day off school when these storms occur is bad parenting. Their education comes first not last! Also take a look at the tidiness of the garage leading to the loft and the mess in the back yard, a total disregard for tidiness. Unfortunately if nothing is done regarding these kids welfare right now, they will grow up emulating their parents! Social services, get off your ass and gives these kids a stable and honest upbringing!

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