The “Real” Meaning of American Pie?

This one is not so much “funny ha ha” as it is “funny, hmm…”

Don McLean’s American Pie has always been one of my favorite songs. And Buddy Holly, the primary subject of the song, one of my favorite songwriters.

When he died in February 1959, Buddy Holly was only 22 years old. Yet he had already penned and recorded some of the most famous songs of the past half-century, including; Peggy Sue, That’ll Be The Day, Words Of Love, Oh Boy!, Every Day, It’s So Easy (To Fall In Love), Well Alright, True Love Ways, Rave On and many more.

This video purports to explain all the references and nuances of McLean’s song, and is right on target on most points. It seems less sure of the actual derivation of the term “American Pie.” In one spot it misses the point completely by not correlating The Beatles Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with the line “while the sargents played a marching tune.”

Nonetheless, I think fans of the song will find this 8:48 video an interesting piece of brain candy.

BTW: If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend the 1978 movie The Buddy Holly Story. In the title role, Gary Busey does some of his best acting ever and actually sings all the songs himself. I found him completely believable. Suspended disbelief was achieved kiddies.


3 responses to “The “Real” Meaning of American Pie?

  1. That certainly was brain candy, although I knew most of it. Good post; very well-informed, and you certainly have valid information to back it all up.

    – Grace

  2. Thank you very much Grace, Frank

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